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A handbook to wine in Lyon
In partnership with Vitis Vinifera.
In partnership with Vitis Vinifera.

The short story of a vast project

At long last, the city known as the Capital of the Gauls boasts its very own wine guide: The Décanté. This venture was set in motion in 2014 and came into being 3 years later. The purpose behind this free handbook is to shed light on the good addresses regarding wine in Lyon and make them available to all. Mainly intended for students, the Décanté aims to become the reference guide for the city’s wine scene. As the enterprise shifted along the stages of creation, it evolved from a fuzzy idea to the many steps of canvassing and resulted in the emergence of a real visual identity. This field guide to the good deals around Lyon has truly had time to settle… and will – most certainly! – improve with age.
This handbook covers several topics:


Knowledge • wine cellars/merchants • wine bars • food and wine pairings • map of the French vineyards • glossary • quotes • map of Lyon referencing the tradesmen

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Key to our success

Our partners have enabled us to accomplish great things


The project is significantly backed by the Crédit Agricole, Université Lyon III and the Iaelyon, whom we thank.


The enthusiastic launch of the Décanté I salso carried out through the press, with InterMedia, Lyon City Crunch, Jean Moulin Post and Le Progrès, many thanks!

copies in 2017


wine cellars

wine bars

copies in 2017


wine cellars

wine bars

The core of the guidebook

Our team



Thanks to a passionate and entrepreneurial spirit, he manages the units and elaborates the strategy behind the project. He also ensures members of the team give the best of themselves to deliver an exceptional guidebook.


Secretary general

This cheerful go-getter is here to stimulate and organise our teams. He is both creative and a great listener, as a result he is full of great ideas!



Discrete, diligent, up for everything and always in a good mood: That’s Salomé! She’s in charge of our finances and structuring but before anything else, she’s a great wine lover.


Administrator of our systems and network

We’re very grateful to Louis for his work on past efforts of the Décanté, and all the time he’s contributed to maintaining our network and online system.

le studio culotté

communications unit

This sassy studio definitely deserves its name. The members are ambitious, bursting with energy and a wild imagination. They are our communications officer, responsible for the wonderful graphics on our website and in the Décanté. Go on site


In charge of partnerships

She’s our Swiss army knife! Full of pleasant surprises and ever motivated, her goal is to pull together the best partners for our enterprise.


In charge of selections

In other words, our gem-finder! For you, she will dig up the best wine bars and cellars with our team of writers and samplers. So pick up your tasting glass and ready, set… savour!

Alumni and the society

Alumni and the society, with whom we grow

A great big thank you to all those who have been carrying the project since its very beginnings, have given it support. We’re thinking to Hadrien Macé, and Martin Gillet, generator and bearer of this project. We’d also like to thank the active members for their time and unfaltering drive and determination.


« Stylé comme concept ! Beau boulot ! »

Quentin, IaeLyon’ student

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