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The Beaujolais, Kingdom of Gamay

 For the red variety Gamay, paradise sits a little way north of the French capital of gastronomy. The region’s varied terroirs (Particularly on Mount Brouilly) accommodate varieties for still reds and whites as well as bubbly, such as Cremant. Often overlooked in...

Top principles and steps of wine tasting

 Have you ever wished you could taste a wine like a pro and uncover all its secrets? Read on to discover the method and different steps of wine tasting. More than an art, wine tasting is really a moment of pleasure. In order to experience the complexity and...

Of wine and men: a tale of civilisations:

 According to this quote by Michel Bouvier, viticulture has been placed among other disciplines at the centre of many cultures. Winemaking hasn't flourished from knowledge exclusive to a handful of experts, it is the result of a trial and error process from a web...

Soils and climates: how they impact wine

 Here are two often underestimated determinants in winemaking, sometimes even unheard of. And yet, they are both key elements in vine growing and understanding wine. Grape vines require specific conditions in order to deliver their very best fruit. Indeed, they...

How did Lyon became the capital of gastronomy?

 "Lyon is the world Capital of Gastronomy"Ever since the Gallo-Roman period, Lyon has remained firmly rooted at the centre of attention. Indeed, the city was a political capital in ancient times and went on to become an economic and cultural hub. Nowadays, Lyon’s...

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