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by Sep 8, 2018Le Décanté

The very first wine guide of Lyon has decided to embark on another journey. In this second edition, the Décanté has branched out to undertake new activities! The guide is put together by students, with the help of Le Studio Culotté for graphic design. Our team is always eager to uncover and share astounding revelations with you.

In order to do this, we have weekly wine related articles in store for you.

The purpose of these articles?

Our ever growing team of driven oenophiles has decided to keep on sharing their passion. With entertaining and straightforward explanations, we aim to prove through these weekly publications that the world of wine is accessible to all.

The themes of our articles?

You will encounter a very wide range of themes! We would like to offer content on many different aspects of wine. These articles will clarify the concepts that may seem unclear like soils and climate in vine growing, as well as hot topics like biodynamics or timeless ones like wine history. The aim is to pave the way towards a better knowledge of wine, a universe you could penetrate much more easily than you’d expect. Let us share with you some ongoing concerns as well as the basics of wine, in order to discover all the wonders behind this much loved elixir!

But for the members of our team who value sharing and other ideals embodied by wine, this is what we want to convey. Uncomplicated but exhaustive, we will do everything we can to enable you to live and love this passion. So cheers, and happy reading!

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